TENG Chao-Ming

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Taipei People Drawing (2009)

A Taipei People novel, custom-made silver bookmark.

Taipei People Drawing (2009) transcribed directly onto a copy of Pai Hsien-Yung's most well-known novel Taipei People (1971), a collection of 14 short stories about people, ranged widely in social hierarchy and personalities, who fled from China to Taiwan following the war from 1949. These "Taipei People" physically live in Taipei but mentally live in the mainland China/the past, with a strong sense of loss, cursed, and inability. These stories are Pai's projection of the nostalgia toward the lost Chinese-ness from his own experience of diaspora. By copying the text onto the book, I tried to reduce a distance between myself and those Taipei people/their stories, in time, space, emotion and identity. Viewers will be reading a personalized (by my handwriting) Taipei People novel. A custom-made "bookmark" etched with an arrow symbol comes from the image emerged constantly from the artist’s experience of reading the novel: a pointing device.

Also shown below is one of the fourteen stories: The Last Night of Taipan Chin.