TENG Chao-Ming

chaomingtengstudio at gmail dot com

Untitled (2014)
23(W)X23(L)X8.2(H) cm
Customized wooden box, archival printed map, pray beats, fleeced station.

Did the owner lost it? Or is it disposed? Either way, this prayer beats is now dead, soulless. All the wishes and prayers have left, residing somewhere. It has served its duty. Let it lay down peacefully and beautifully.

The date and address (QinDao East Road) I picked up this prayer beats is hard-pressed on the dark-blue fleeced bed. The date is the fifth day into the Occupy Parliament movement that started on March 18th, 2014 and lasted 24 days. 60 years ago during the Martial Law period, the military court and detention camp for political prisoners was at the same address.