TENG Chao-Ming

chaomingtengstudio at gmail dot com

Becoming a Different Person (2011)

Neon light, acrylic panel, three separate power switches. 73X73cm

The three neon characters in Becoming A Different Person (2011) are Chinese Mandarin for Father (Fu - top left), Mother (Mu - top right), and Kinship (chin - below). In Mandarin, the words Father and Mother consist of two characters - ‘Fu’ or ‘Mu’, as well as 'chin' to create ‘Fu-chin’ and ‘Mu-chin’. Behind the glowing ember-red sign are three power cords: one for each character. Each time the work is exhibited all the characters will be plugged in and turned on, this practice will continue until the death of my Father or Mother, at which stage the respective character will be turned off. The kinship character and the surrounding circle will always stay on.